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We are proud to partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide clinical massage therapy treatments to our nations veterans!  We are a part of the Optum Care Network, also referred to as the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network. 

If you are a veteran who currently receives healthcare from the VA, you may be eligible to receive our services. 

Please note, that a valid referral & authorization from your VA physician or other VA healthcare practitioner is required before we can schedule or treat you.*

We currently serve veterans who receive care in the following region(s):

NE Florida/SE Georgia - Sunshine Network - (VISN 8, Station 573)

  • Community Care Referrals routed through Malcolm Randall in Gainesville

  • Veterans are treated at our Jacksonville office

OUR INFORMATION (For the Community Care Network)

Atlas Mobile Massage Therapy, LLC.

4651 Salisbury Rd, Ste 400

Jacksonville, Florida  32256

Phone: 833-285-2707

Fax: 833-201-0275






After you have met the requirements for Active Therapy** as shown in the worksheet, contact your Primary Care Team to request a Community Care Massage Therapy Consult.  We highly recommend that you communicate this request using your online MyHealtheVet portal.  We have found that this method of communication is the most effective and gives a quicker response (usually within 72 hours).

Within your message be sure to include:

  • The list of Active Therapies you have completed and the approximate dates

  • Let your provider know that you have the massage therapy provider you would like to see and include our information above.

Please keep in mind, you may only participate in one Passive Therapy (Chiropractic/Acupuncture/Massage) at a time.  So, if you are currently receiving either Chiropractic or Acupuncture, you will have inform your Primary Care Team that you would like to switch to Massage Therapy instead or complete your rounds of Chiro/Acupuncture treatment before requesting massage therapy.


Massage Therapy through Community Care is still a fairly new service for the VA.  As such, we have found that some Primary Care teams do not know the service is available or are unfamiliar with how to place the consult.  If you receive a response from your Care Team that states Massage Therapy is not offered or they are not familiar with the process, please reach out to your Patient Advocate.  We highly recommend that you utilize MyHealtheVet for this communication as well. 

Your patient advocate should appear in your address list similar to the following:








Sample Message:

Dear Patient Advocate,

I am looking to get a Community Care Referral for Massage Therapy, however my Primary Care Team is unfamiliar with how to request this.  I have completed 2 Active Therapies and I also have the name of the provider I would like to see.  Would you please be able to assist me with getting this referral?

Therapies Completed:

-Whole Health (past 6 months)

-Physical Therapy (last month)

Community Care Provider I would like to see:

Atlas Mobile Massage Therapy (NPI-1881170603)

4651 Salisbury Rd, Ste 400

Jacksonville, Florida  32256

Phone: 833-285-2707

Fax: 833-201-0275

I greatly appreciate your assistance,

-John Doe

The same turnaround time of 72 hours should be expected to get a response from the Patient Advocate.  They may respond via message or phone call, so please be watchful for either one.


Once your Primary Care Doctor creates your consult, it is then routed to your Regional VA for processing.  For Jacksonville Veterans, your referral will be routed through Gainesville.  Once Gainesville receives and processes your consult, they will forward your consult directly to us.  The Community Care office in Gainesville may reach out to you to confirm receipt of your referral and also to confirm your provider choice for Massage Therapy. 


Once we receive your consult from Gainesville, we perform our own clinical review process to ensure you do not have any contraindications to the type of massage therapy that we administer.  We also take note of any conditions that may require us to take certain precautions before treating you.  Our clinical review usually takes 3 business days, but can take up to 1 week.


After our clinical review is complete, we will reach out to you via phone and/or email to schedule.  If we are not able to accept you as a patient for clinical reasons, we will call and discuss that with you as well.  After we speak with you, we will contact the VA and advise them of your scheduled appointment or we will let them know why we are unable to see you and have them re-route your referral if necessary.***


*Please be advised that the Department of Veterans Affairs has the final authority on approving your referral. This information is intended to be educational only to give you a general idea of what may be required before you receive a referral to be treated by us.

**Please see your VA healthcare provider for a full list of "Active Therapies" and for the most updated requirements for obtaining a massage therapy referral.

***We would be happy to assist you in navigating through the referral process.  Please contact us if you require further assistance and we will attempt to help you in anyway we can.


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