We have provided customized treatments for clients with the following conditions:

* Anxiety & Depression

* Migraines

* Back Pain

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

​​​* other chronic conditions/acute injuries

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We are proud to partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide clinical massage therapy treatments to our nations veterans!  We are a part of the Optum Care Network, also referred to as the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network.  If you are veteran who currently receives healthcare from the VA, you may be eligible to receive our services.  Please note, that a valid referral from your VA physician or other VA healthcare practitioner is required before we can schedule or treat you.

How it works: Provider Delivered Therapy vs. Veteran driven therapy

The VA considers Massage Therapy a "provider delivered therapy".  In order to qualify to receive any provider delivered therapy, you must first engage in two "veteran driven therapies" within 18 months. This can include, but is not limited to, meeting with a Whole Health Coach, the MOVE! program, meeting with a dietician, physical therapy or pain school.  Please see your VA healthcare provider for a full list of "veteran driven therapies" and for the most updated requirements for obtaining a massage therapy referral.

Please be advised that the Department of Veterans Affairs has the final authority on approving your referral. This information is intended to be educational only to give you a general idea of what may be required before you receive a referral to be treated by us.

How to request us:

Once you receive approval for massage therapy, your VA Community Care Coordinator will contact you to confirm your referral is approved. They should be able to locate us using our address or NPI Number:1881170603.  You may give them this info to specifically request us. 

We currently serve veterans who receive care in the following regions:

  • NE Florida/SE Georgia - Sunshine Network - (VISN 8, Station 573)

Community Care Referrals routed through Malcolm Randall in Gainesville

Veterans are treated at our Jacksonville office

  • South Carolina/Georgia - Southeast Network - (VISN 7, Station 534)

Community Care Referrals routed through Ralph H. Johnson in Charleston

Veterans are treated at our Savannah office

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FSA / HSA / Insurance

We are open to other clinical massage therapy patients outside of the VA.  We do require a referral for treatment from your physician, health care provider or other practitioner (including physical therapy) before scheduling.


-We currently do not accept insurance, but may become contracted with some plans in the future. 
Please continue to monitor our website for updates.

FSA/HSA (Debit Cards)

We do have the ability to accept most FSA/HSA Debit plan cards!

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your FSA/HSA will allow the charge for treatment from us. The final decision for all approvals is up to your plan administrator.  However, this is one reason why we require a referral from your healthcare provider before scheduling, to increase your chances of gaining this approval.

FSA/HSA (Reimbursement Plans)

If your FSA/HSA Debit Card is not approved or if you do not have a Debit Card for your plan and typically submit for reimbursement after services are rendered, you will need to pay via your personal debit or credit card prior to your treatment.  We do not accept cash.  We may accept PayPal or CashApp in special circumstances.  We will provide you with a receipt and other documentation to submit for reimbursement from your FSA/HSA plan.  We highly recommend that you submit the documentation we provide, along with the original referral from your healthcare provider, for the most optimal chances for approval.  The final decision for all reimbursement approvals is up to your plan administrator.

Medical Tax Deductions

If your FSA/HSA plan does not approve you for reimbursement or if you do not have an FSA/HSA plan, you may still be able to benefit from your treatment by claiming it as a medical deduction on your taxes. We will provide the receipts and documentation you may need for the deduction.  Again, we highly recommend that you keep all documentation and receipts that we provide, along with the original referral from your healthcare provider for best outcomes.  Please consult with your tax professional for the final determination on what medical deductions may be available to youThis information does not constitute as financial or tax advice.

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If you do not wish to be seen for clinical/medical purposes, please click here for information on becoming a Private Client for relaxation massage therapy.